Why You Should Choose Infrared Panels for All Your Heating Needs



 Infrared Heating Panels are:

energy saving; heat is retained in the floors and walls of the room

Safe; no fire hazard; prevent/eliminate ice dams on the roof; warm comforting heat

  • Healthy; have zero emissions; control mould and fungus; quiet

  • No danger of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Very easy to install; can be mounted on ceilings or walls

  •  No moving parts, no maintenance

  • 5-year warranty, life expectancy 50+ years

  • Use a renewable resource for heating

  • Expect major savings over other heating systems

  • Are CSA-certified and made in the USA

Notice for All:

The world is changing rapidly. Mother Nature is upset! Climate change is creating a huge anger and backlash. Are you doing your part to calm her down? Have you renounced the use of fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy sources? Infrared heating panels provide the necessary clean direction needed for heating any building. Call or email us today for a free quote for your heating project.

Heating with infrared panels offers therapeutic benefits for everyone especially during cold and flu season.


Studies about the effects of infrared heat on cancer.

Read it here.



What We Have for You


Hole-In-One Enterprises offer infrared heating panels for all your heating needs. Heat your whole house or just a chilly basement or garage. Heat any building large or small.

The thin-film element at the core of our heating panels make them the best infrared heating panel on the market superior to carbon or quartz-based panels.

Installation is so fast and easy that our motto is ” Install and walk away”.

Standard white and decorative panels come in 3 sizes and 4 different voltages. Each panel comes with free brackets for easy mounting on ceilings or walls.

New! Water-resistant panels for heating agricultural buildings, greenhouses and other buildings where water is used. Click here to see information about our new wash-down panel!


 Attention all solar panel applications: Our Infrared Heating Panels are fully compatible with electrical solar panel power and community solar farm applications.

Openings for all interested distributors. Appreciate us now and avoid the rush. Call anytime to discuss.

Who We Are

Ron Nowakowski, owner and CEO

The owner of Hole-In-One Enterprises has had over 37 years of progressive success in business. His experiences began in a fully integrated nickel mining operation in Thompson, Manitoba where he acquired the distinction of CRSP, Canadian Certified Safety Professional.

Following that he accepted a new corporate challenge with a Winnipeg grain and feed conglomerate where he designed and implemented managerial loss prevention systems for their companies across Canada provided executive training in the management of loss.

Now he owns and operates Hole-In-One Enterprises marketing the finest infrared heating panels on the market.


 Space heaters for offices, such as the one shown below, should be banned since they are a fire hazard.

Our infrared under-the-desk heating panels present no fire hazard.  They simply keep you cosy and warm safely while conserving energy. 

 Ask for a quote for your own office or for all the offices in your group.  Volume discounts will apply.


This panel is also great for dog/pet shelters! Call today.

Attention:  Yoga Enthusiasts: 

We have the very best in Infrared Panels for Hot Yoga!!


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