Another testimonial about panel performance:

Thanks Ron,

Just to let you know the panels work great.  Two panels keep our house nice and warm and it’s very inexpensive.

Sandy,  Pine Lake, AB



Testimonial re instant heat and great service:

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your service, I received your Shipping on Dec. 24.2017.

We have it installed and we are very happy with the result it is just amazing how it works.

My electrician was overwhelmed from the power he could not believe how quick it works.

Harry, Amherstburg, ON



Tiny testimonials:

Love the panels.

–Carolyn N, Woodhaven, NY

Hi Ron, the panels are excellent.

–Tom C., Oshawa, ON

I am satisfied with everything.  Thanks for your speedy replies and order.

–John H., Scarborough, ON


Testimonial regarding using infrared heating panels for a full home renovation:

 I spent hours aggravating over what source of heat to use in the house. The old oil-fired boiler heated two loops of hydronic baseboard heaters up and downstairs. It was expensive to operate and it was not very visually appealing.

I researched in-floor heating but in a renovation project all the piping circuits had to be threaded through floor joists. Very labour intensive and not too practical since the heat had to radiate up through the wooden floor. It would of been double the cost of the infrared heating panels (labour & material) and the whole system consisting of a boiler, control panels, mixing valves and pumps was just too complicated and had far too many components that could go wrong. The best feature of the panels is that they are maintenance free and each room can be controlled by its own thermostat. As we have quite a large house for only the two of us, we usually turn down the heat in the rooms we don’t normally use. Even now we are out of the country, won’t return until February 7th and all the heating panels are set down to 10 degrees C. Which is nice since we’re getting to the age where we want to travel more.

We are happy with the decision we made.

–John K., Riverport, NS


Testimonial re installing a panel to heat a garage:

These garage heaters are really quite extraordinary.
If you ever need a client referral or want to show a potentially interested customer feel free to put in touch with me. These should be standard on every garage. The heat is so much more even than with the ceramics. We love it!!!

–Jennifer P., Winnipeg MB


Testimonial re an under the desk heater:

I LOVE IT!!!!  I bet every admin up there would love to have one.

–Kit McKinnon, Ottawa, ON


 Testimonial re customer service:

When I first started looking into this I had sent emails to several dealers and Ron from Hole-in-One Enterprises was the only one who replied to my emails, he’s knowledgeable, helpful and responds in a timely manner.

–Kim H., Williams Lake, BC


Testimonial about qualities of infrared heat:

The radiant heat has a really warm feel to it and with a ceramic floor in the bathroom it feels like a heated floor to the feet.

One added perk I discovered from having infrared heating panels is when I apply drywall mud to the walls, it dries so fast I sometimes get on two coats in one day.

–John K., Riverport, NS


Testimonial re customer service:

Just wanted to say thanks for all, your customer service is fantastic.

–Bill G., Portage la Prairie, MB


 Testimonial re panel performance:

I have also been testing with energy monitors in many different scenarios with very impressive results. People find it hard to believe that an electric heat source can be an energy saving heating solution and even outperform natural gas. I am not just a believer, I am proving it!

Prestyl’s True Far infrared heating panels are proving to perform exactly as the manufacturer claims.

–Bob B., Wadena, SK


Testimonial re performance: 

The heaters themselves look good, take up no floor space (important when you’ve only got a 20 x 30 foot building), and run completely quietly.

–Tim S., Hamilton, ON


Testimonial re energy efficiency and customer service:

Energy Savings are important to me as well both financially and environmentally. So reducing our footprint was extremely important as well.   … Thank you so much for all of your help!  It was a refreshingly unique experience to deal with someone who actually CARED!!  Much gratitude and appreciation.

–Tina M., Winnipeg, MB