What is Far Infrared Heating and How Does It Work?

Prestyl infrared heating panels

Infrared Explained in Simple Terms:

Imagine a boulder on the beach in the sun on a hot summer’s day. After the sun goes down the boulder is still warm having absorbed and stored the sun’s heat. This is how infrared heat works.

Infrared energy is best compared to the warmth of the sun.

The vast amount of energy emitted by the sun is transported to the surface via electromagnetic beams that are divided into different wavelengths. Rays that do reach the earth’s surface contain a number of wavelengths representing both visible and invisible light; ranging from Ultraviolet light (UV) then traveling through the visible light to the Infrared IR) portion of the spectrum.

Ultraviolet light has a high frequency and thus a short wavelength that possesses a large amount of energy. Infrared waves have the lowest frequency of all and therefore also the lowest energy level. Infrared is absorbed, stored and “re-transmitted”.

Every object emits Infrared energy; when an object has a higher temperature than its surroundings, the Infrared light it emits will warm-up nearby objects. This is also called “indirect” heating.

 How Infrared Heat is Distributed

The Short Answers:

 What is far-infrared heating?

Infrared heating converts electricity into far-infrared energy which heats all the objects in the space.

 Does infrared heat cause cancer?

Not at all.  Because far-infrared heat is produced from the safe end of the infrared spectrum of light; the opposite end from ultraviolet light which can cause skin cancer.  There is absolutely no danger from exposure to far infrared heat; rather it is therapeutic and healing for our bodies.

Is far-infrared heating healthy?

Yes, far-infrared heating is very healthy. Far-infrared heating can stop swelling, improve mobility, enhance circulation of the blood, lower blood pressure and improve healing.

 Is infrared heating safe?

Yes, totally.  Far infrared heating uses light from the safe end of the infrared spectrum of light from the sun to warm spaces without causing fires.

How efficient is far-infrared heat?

100%.  No heat is lost through hot air rising or flowing out an open door or window as happens with convection heat.  Since the objects in the room are heated, the heat is retained in them and conserved for later usage.  The temperature in the room can be turned down sooner than you would expect.

 Where is the best place to install infrared heating panels?

The ceiling works best; walls will work as well.