Why You Should Choose Infrared Panels for All Your Heating Needs



 Infrared Heating Panels are:

energy saving; heat is retained in the floors and walls of the room

Safe; no fire hazard; prevent/eliminate ice dams on the roof; warm comforting heat

  • Healthy; have zero emissions; control mould and fungus; quiet

  • No danger of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Very easy to install; can be mounted on ceilings or walls

  •  No moving parts, no maintenance

  • 5-year warranty, life expectancy 50+ years

  • Use a renewable resource for heating

  • Expect major savings over other heating systems

  • Are CSA-certified and made in the USA

Notice for All:

The Polar Vortex is constantly moving further South.

Evidence of this is in our Weather Reports across North America.

We offer the only Heating System to assist with exciting low cost energy.

Heating with infrared panels offers therapeutic benefits for everyone especially during cold and flu season.