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Hole-In-One Enterprises offer infrared heating panels for all your heating needs. Heat your whole house or just a chilly basement or garage. Heat any building large or small.

The thin-film element at the core of our heating panels make them the best infrared heating panel on the market superior to carbon or quartz-based panels.

Installation is so fast and easy that our motto is ” Install and walk away”.

Standard white and decorative panels come in 3 sizes and 4 different voltages. Each panel comes with free brackets for easy mounting on ceilings or walls.

New! Water-resistant panels for heating agricultural buildings, greenhouses and other buildings where water is used. Click here to see information about our new wash-down panel!

Solar Farm smaller

 Attention all solar panel applications: Our Infrared Heating Panels are fully compatible with electrical solar panel power and community solar farm applications.

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With our Infrared Heating Panels we offer NO FIRE HAZARD!

Click here to see information for our New Wash-Down Panels.