Who We Are


Ron Nowakowski, owner and CEO

The owner of Hole-In-One Enterprises has had over 37 years of progressive success in business. His experiences began in a fully integrated nickel mining operation in Thompson, Manitoba where he acquired the distinction of CRSP, Canadian Certified Safety Professional.

Following that he accepted a new corporate challenge with a Winnipeg grain and feed conglomerate where he designed and implemented managerial loss prevention systems for their companies across Canada provided executive training in the management of loss.

Now he owns and operates Hole-In-One Enterprises marketing the finest infrared heating panels on the market.


“Communication = Understanding = Trust”



 Space heaters for offices, such as the one shown below, should be banned since they are a fire hazard.

space heater modified

Our infrared under-the-desk heating panels present no fire hazard.  They simply keep you cosy and warm safely while conserving energy. 

 Ask for a quote for your own office or for all the offices in your group.  Volume discounts will apply.


This panel is also great for dog/pet shelters! Call today.

Attention:  Yoga Enthusiasts: 

We have the very best in Infrared Panels for Hot Yoga!!


Yes, we will be heating spectator areas in hockey arenas and livestock auction arenas also.